Gratitude from Delhi

*** written a few days ago – still figuring out this posting from the road thing… 😉 working on posting photos too but it’s oh so slow going! ***

It’s three weeks now that I have been in India. So much has transpired, it is hard to know where to start. As I need to start somewhere though, I think the right place to begin is with thanks.

Before I say anything about India, I want to say thank you to all the people at home (in Switzerland and the States) who are so supportive of what Roman and I are doing. I have a small picture book of friends and family with me that I have been setting on my hotel bedside tables and it has been like stocking up on love and good vibes every time I look at the smiling faces within. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Special thanks to my sister, who has encouraged me more than anyone, and extra special thanks to my parents, who love and support me even when I am doing something that is outside of their comfort zone. And a huge, huge thank you as well to Roman, who did the heavy lifting to finish things in Switzerland while I was getting my first glimpses of India. You are my hero!

Having heard so many contradictory stories and opinions about India, I arrived not knowing what to expect but also a bit braced. Braced for things to be difficult, frustrating or shocking. Braced for the discomfort of getting sick. Braced for things being too much: too hot, too sweaty, too dirty, too loud, too spicy, too depressing, too uncomfortable.

However, three weeks in, none of that has been my experience, and I have to express gratitude for having had such a gentle and graceful introduction to India. Traveling with a big, organized group, I know I have been sheltered and supported in many ways, and I have to say huge thanks as well to Juelle and Donovan, who created a superb trip and who amazed me with their consistently upbeat energy, no matter what was going on for the group. And it was fantastic to travel with such an open, caring, fun bunch of people, and especially with my spiritual family of Indi, Heather and Kevin.

On top of the goup trip’s wonderful infrastructure, I think it probably helped for me to come in expectationless. I seem to have been able to switch into some sort of travel mentality right away and could be delighted or at the very least interested with pretty much everything that was in front of me. And there was so much to be delighted by.

Yes, things have been hot, sweaty, dirty and loud. I have witnessed poverty and illness, have been hassled, have been hussled, have seen insects of unusual sizes (in my bedroom!), have even been a bit scared at times, but I’ve been able to love every moment of the trip so far. So, thank you grace and thank you India, for that. 🙂

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