Photo impressions from the group trip: Part 1/5 (Dubai to Varanasi)

I made a pit stop on the way to India to see a friend in Dubai.

A view of the Arabian Gulf

View of the Dubai skyline from the car. The Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest building - is mind boggling as it dwarfs everything around it.

Crossing over into India

The first day in Delhi was gentle and rainy in the morning, sunny and beautiful in the afternoon. Soft stones under our toes at the beautiful Friday Mosque

At the Friday Mosque

Reflections in the stone at the Friday Mosque

Hand carved stone at the 12th century Qutab Minar

The Qutab Minar

Nap time

Detail of the entrance to the Humayun Mausoleum

Night train to Varanasi was a total adventure!

On the night train at dawn

Cute enough to convince me to buy ice cream for him - and four of his friends

Varanasi was hot, chaotic, mystical. Our first sight of the Ganges was at night, from a boat, watching a Hindi ceremony. We came back the next day for a view at dawn.

Smoke from the cremation pyres

View from the rickshaw, Varanasi

Deepak and his buddy jumped on a rickshaw to keep up with us

Monkey in Varanasi

Monkey in Varanasi warning me not to take any more pictures of him

Deepak and his friend

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