Snap shots from along the way: India

I’m writing this blog to help me keep track of our big journey – our progress across the continent(s), where we’ve been when and all that, collecting each new chapter in this format so that I’ll have a record of memories when it’s all said and done.

Along with the bigger picture, I want to try capturing the fleeting moments and quick impressions that add flavor to our daily and overall experiences – things I’m liable to forget as the weeks compound and the list of places we’ve been grows.

To that end, here is just a start of some little things that have made an impression.

Little things that are enjoyably different in India:

  • If you are a man, the world is your toilet. It seems men here will take a piss anywhere and everywhere, regardless of who might be walking by to witness it. I find it amusing but truth be told as a girl, I also envy the convenience of it!
  • I love the hand painted signage and advertisement that’s everywhere. Especially fun to see logos for western brands like Pepsi and Coke painted nearly – but not quite – perfectly on the side of stores. It’s nice to see the handiwork on the signage. Even though it’s still advertising, the human touch makes it feel to me somehow less anonymously corporate and exploitative.
  • The smell of wood and coal smoke everywhere is really lovely. It’s cool that you’ll smell it even in the city – back home it’s such a rural smell – as the small outdoor food stalls or people who iron clothes on the side of the street heat their oil or their massive, ancient looking irons with this fuel.

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