Delhi delights

So, catching up with the here and now finally in this blog: We are in Delhi, have been and will be for a bit longer. It’s an extended stay as I’m helping my dear friend Ritu out with a couple of things while we are in town. Not to mention we are also getting spoiled totally rotten by her and her family! They’ve taken us in as their own kin and we are really getting the royal treatment.

We are taking advantage of the time here to check out some of the tourist sites Delhi has to offer and get a bit of an insider’s view as we wander around town with Ritu and her mom. I’m also enjoying the girl time immensely – long chats with Ritu, checking out the shops, a spa visit (:-D ), glasses of wine. Feels totally indulgent and lovely! And we are also indulging our love of the food here – trying new things every day and so far everything has been delicious. (with one exception: Paan! ;-))  I am pretty sure we will be leaving Delhi a bit heavier than we entered it! 😉

Last night we had an unusual treat – Italian food at the Imperial Hotel! This has got to be one of the poshest places I’ve ever been to. Massive, elegant, clean, peaceful and, above all, incredibly opulent inside, it felt worlds away from the Delhi we have come to know and it was surreal to be transported in this way simply by driving through the gate and stepping through the hotel’s doors.  I know wealth like this exists everywhere in the world but somehow it felt more extreme due to the massive gap between rich and poor in this country. Bizarre but also a really fun night out with Roman, Ritu and her mom. I think my stomach was equally confused and delighted by the re-introduction to pasta and Parmesan after so long! 😉

We’re also using the time to work on the logistics for the next leg of the journey. It’s incredible to me that we have so many options and so much freedom to choose where, what, when. What a blessing. Life is GOOD! 🙂

Paan: intense flavors – almost too intense 😉


We got henna designs on our hands



Apparently, once the henna sets, they say that the darkness of the tint indicates how well your mother-in-law will treat you. Looks like I am in luck if I ever get married. 😉


Night markets


Statues for sale, viewed from behind at the night market


I love the bags hanging from the trunk of the tree


Fake flowers for sale


Yummy roast sweet potato


Back at beautiful Qutb Minar – love it there. Woman on a cell phone among the ruins.


Building detail


Bamboo scaffolding inside of the buildings


Building detail


Building detail, tower in the background (unfortunately the program MarsEdit seems to have a bug; it cuts off some of the landscape photos. 😛 )


Fountain and fine art inside the ultra posh Imperial Hotel

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