Snapshots from Jodhpur

I’m eager to do a proper post with pictures about the blue city, but it’s dinner time so here are some quick snapshots in the mean time.

–       In an auto rickshaw, on the way back to the hotel this evening, coming across a small parade sounding much more robust than I would have thought a group of four musicians outdoors could, playing boisterous, great music. Followed a ways back by a group of about twenty women all in bright clothes, clapping and singing a completely different song. No idea what it was about but it was great!

–       Walking through a small, quiet square, an old man across the way with about five teeth in his whole head eagerly beckoned Roman to cross over and talk to him. He made small talk a bit and then started to explain, “All Hindus need God”. Roman seemed to pass muster, making the guy smile real big when he shot back “All people need God.”

–       Four boys under the age of ten balanced on a single bike balancing against a wall. A very precarious kick off and a very wobbly but enthusiastic start down the street made me smile.

–       Repeatedly coming across groups of older men sitting and standing around in various out-of-the-way corners around town, peacefully playing cards together.

–       Today from the rickshaw on the way up to the fort, a girl in a brilliant yellow salwar kameez, pumping water by the side of the road. She waved to me without stopping her chore but was too shy to smile when I waved and smiled back.

–       The way the man with the deeply wrinkled face and hennaed hair and beard laughed today when Roman called him on his attempt at a 5 Rupee auto rickshaw parking scam at the fort.

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