Can I get a snap?

I’d heard plenty of stories before starting this trip about people in India’s inclination to take photos of non-Indian tourists. So I haven’t been surprised by the numerous times we’ve gotten requests for “one snap please”, at which point camera phones are whipped out and we participate in a family portrait session, have wary or disinterested toddlers herded to our side or pose with a posse of young men one by one as they share a single pair of sunglasses between them.

What I didn’t expect is the requests we’ve gotten from people who want us to take their picture. It’s not like we’re carrying a Polaroid camera or they ask us to e-mail them the photo. Half the time they aren’t even interested to see the picture on the digital display after it’s been taken and they’ve already started to wander off by the time I’ve gotten it on screen. I can’t fathom what the novelty in this could be, but it’s such an easy thing to do that seems to make them happy, so I love doing it.

And I love the resulting pictures.

So here is the collection of ‘snaps’ (so far?). I know the odds are slim to none, but I do harbor a fantasy that maybe one day the folks in the photos might stumble across them online and get a kick out of seeing the snap they requested from a random Western girl. 🙂

Mcleod Ganj, September 2010


Amritsar, October 2010


Amritsar, October 2010


Jodhpur, November 2010


Jodhpur, November 2010


Jodhpur, November 2010


Varanasi, November 2010


Varanasi, November 2010

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