Pics from Hampi: Part three

Hanuman Temple

Another big highlight of the Hampi stay was the visit to the Hanuman Temple in nearby Anegundi, located at the alleged spot of the god’s birth.

This involved an inspiring walk through ruins and rocks along the river, a coracle journey there and back on the picturesque Tungabhadra river, threshing through undergrowth and crossing rice paddies with our guide Naga, and walking the 570 steeps steps uphill amongst the resident cheeky monkeys to reach the temple at the summit of Anjanadri Hill.

Here are some photos from our journey and destination.


Temple ruins on the dramatic river-side landscape


A word of warning. We didn’t see any crocs while on the river however.


Women at the riverside


Coracles awaiting tourists at the riverside


Our boatman’s hard-used feet

DSC_0551 - Version 2.jpg

Sadhu at an ancient river-side temple


Yes, we have bananas


Stalking a snack


Nearly to the top!


Hanuman’s power lies in Sky

DSC_0594 - Version 2.jpg

View of the valley and the winding path from the temple


Through rice paddies back to the river


Naga paddling towards the setting sun


Fisherman, rising moon


Ancient bridge


At the riverside

A few other miscellaneous Hampi photos


According to local legend, once upon a time two girls were walking to Hampi to visit the temples. They became discouraged by the long journey and sat down for a break. Leaning against each other, they started to make fun of Hampi to vent their frustration. Suddenly, the two turned into massive stones! They can be found leaning against each other to this day.

DSC_0454 - Version 3.jpg

Water buffalo grazing inside one of the ruins (unfortunately the blog format means the fellow leaning against the wall while minding the herd gets cut off)


Cow side eye


A visitor to our hotel window


Exploring the world across from our hotel


Big rocks

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