New year, new country

So we are already well into 2011. I’ve been in Thailand for over two weeks, which means it’s also been over two weeks since my last post, which is already starting to feel like a dream lifetime ago in India.

Technology conspired with me at the health resort where I’d been staying so that I was able to mostly unplug. Necessary is probably too strong a word, but it definitely felt good. 🙂 (more on the resort later…)

By now I’ve even left the resort. Roman arrived (filthy 😉 ) from India on Saturday. We had a day and a half together at the resort and now we’ve moved into a wonderful studio apartment in the Night Bazaar neighborhood of Chiang Mai. It’s got a basic, toy-sized kitchen – two hot plates, a sink, a fridge, the smallest electric kettle I’ve ever seen, a toaster and a microwave (which I’ll be ignoring). So I won’t be producing any Sunday roasts or anything like that, but I am nonetheless thrilled to have my own kitchen and cook for us again. 😀

Besides the accommodation, I seem to be falling pretty easily and quickly for Chiang Mai. I don’t want to write too much about it yet. I will at least attempt to do a couple more posts on India before my senses and thoughts are completely overtaken by Thailand. 🙂

So I’ll leave off for now, with the best intentions of catching up on posting soon…

And in the mean time, happy New Year from lovely Chiang Mai! 🙂

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