Where have I been?

Well, not blogging, clearly. I hope to remedy that though and back fill the events of the past couple of months before they slip through the fingers of my memory. After all, the point of this electronic journal is to help me capture those small details and fleeting impressions that time and each subsequent new country we visit will most likely begin to wear away.

So, what’s happened since my last entry? Details to come, but here is the basic overview.

After leaving the Spa, Roman and I had about two weeks’ down time in Chiang Mai, really enjoying the temporary home we had in the rented studio apartment. It was a great place to regroup after India.

Our next destination was Myanmar (Burma). We flew to Yangon (Rangoon) via Bangkok (fun to see the building that features in my former employer’s branding 🙂 ). We weren’t sure what to expect, but decided to stay for three weeks (the visa was only valid for 28 days). We ended up planning out a full itinerary from Yangon. With the help of our wonderful hostess at the Classique Inn hotel (more on that later – it’s probably my favorite hotel of the whole trip so far!), we managed to fit a lot into the time we had.

It was really a rich, wonderful, and wonderfully exhausting trip and I’m so glad that we decided to include Myanmar in our big trip. I have tons of pictures and details to record, but just to give an overview from a logistics point of view, here is where we traveled (click to open the image. Thanks to this site for the map).

From Yangon, we flew back to Bangkok and that’s where we still are today.

I’m writing this from our hotel and the view out the window in front of me: the parking lot and lit up billboards of a largish shopping center housing a massive Tesco (not unlike a Walmart in the States), a Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds, among other things. A construction site where work is (actually and punctually) carried out daily. The terminal station of the Sky Train’s Sukhumvit Line, part of Bangkok’s relatively young public transport system that comes across as glitteringly clean, cool and slick compared to the subways and metros I’ve used in Western cities.

In a couple of day it’ll be six months that I’ve been on the road (!!!), and this view presents a pretty stark contrast to where we’ve been and what we’ve seen for most of the trip so far. Although I can’t say that I’ve been particularly missing things like Micky D’s and Starbucks, we seem to have rapidly and happily eased into the comfort and convenience of a modern and international city. 🙂 We plan to move on next week and I’m curious to see how the rest of Thailand will compare, but in the mean time, I will enjoy every iced latte, flashy shopping mall, air conditioned subway car and authentic western meal I encounter. 😉

2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

    • Missing you too Kathy. Exploring Asia is amazing and Roman is wonderful to travel with but nothing can replace the comfort of time with a good girlfriend! Hope you are well!

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