New Year’s at Chiang Mai

The resort is about a half hour’s drive outside of town. For New Year’s they offered a shuttle into Chiang Mai for the city’s festivities. The whole area around Tha Pae Gate was closed off to traffic and it was buzzing with people, a massive open-air market, tons of food stalls, street massage and live music.

It was a great vibe and I ended up enjoying my first exploration of the city with a lovely English named Penny who was doing the full fast program at the resort. We were both still fasting, so the delicious smelling street food was a lovely kind of torture. We did take a break at one of the city’s Starbucks for a guilt-free cup of tea and a good session of girl talk – nourishing in another way. 🙂

DSC 0512

Open-air foot massage en masse

DSC 0518

Cooking eggs

DSC 0523

A massive portion of Pad Thai

DSC 0532

Fresh seafood

The night was especially beautiful due to the thousands of sky lanterns people were lighting and releasing into the night sky. Apparently this is a tradition in northern Thailand. There were streams of them floating silently up into the sky. I tried to capture it with my camera, but no photo could come close to capturing the glittering, magical sight. Eventually I gave up and instead, Penny and I bought our own, lit it and made wishes for the New Year until the lantern was full enough of hot air to start tugging at our grip and we released it and our dreams to the sky.

Feels like a lifetime ago now – I am trying to remember what my intentions were. 😉 What about you, did you make any resolutions or New Year’s wishes this year?

DSC 0503

Lantern lighting in front of a temple. The dots of light in the sky are lanterns.

DSC 0506

DSC 0548

Releasing lanterns at a bridge by Tha Pae Gate.

DSC 0551

The biggest lantern in the middle of the shot is the one Penny and I released. 🙂

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