Chiang Mai field trip: Thai cooking class

After we left the Spa Resort, we rented a sweet little studio apartment in Chiang Mai for a couple of weeks.

For folks who are interested in that sort of thing, we found it on the trip advisor website and the guy (a dude from Boston) we rented it from was really friendly and helpful. It was small but lovely. In a newer building, tastefully decorated, with a washer/dryer, massive TV, free wi-fi, small but nice balcony, not dead center in town but close enough to the action for our tastes. We were paying USD 45 a night for it. I know Chiang Mai has cheaper hotels but we were really happy with our little temporary nest.

Our apartment in Chiang Mai

DSC 0666

DSC 0667

The big highlight for me was the fact that it had a little kitchen and I could finally do some cooking again. Even simple things like making myself porridge for breakfast gave me no end of pleasure. 🙂 One of our days there I decided to splash out and go to Thai cooking class. There seem to be a ton of cooking schools in and around Chiang Mai. I don’t know how they all stack up, I just know that I loved the class I took. I ended up signing up at the Thai Farm Cooking School. It’s outside of town on an organic farm.

Our guide and teacher, Max, was great, he got the balance just right in terms of keeping the day moving while explaining things in enough detail, and he seemed to really know his stuff. He came to pick up all the students in the morning. We got to visit a local market before heading out to the farm, which was a neat way to start the day. Once we got to the school, we got an introduction to some of the ingredients they grow on the farm before we got to the cooking.

We got to make four different dishes, plus a dessert. The school’s website includes many of the recipes, so I won’t type everything out here, but I will say that everything I made under Max’s instructions turned out totally delicious and to this day remains some of the best Thai food I’ve eaten since we got here (I am giving the credit to the fresh ingredients and the quality of instruction!). I can’t wait till I have a kitchen again and can try the recipes. Take a look and get inspired! 🙂

At the market

DSC 0727

Pig heads and other cuts of meat

DSC 0728

Tiny but potent

DSC 0733

Laughing over lettuce

At the school

DSC 0740

Happy resident cat

DSC 0741

Our classroom. Notice the massive mortar and pestle – for making curry paste

DSC 0744

Max explaining ingredients by a papaya tree

DSC 0742

Fresh ingredients

Yellow curry with vegetables

DSC 0756

Pounding the ingredients to make the yellow curry paste – a good work out!

DSC 0762

The delicious finished product

My lunch – Yellow Curry, Chicken with Cashew Nuts (this turned out awesome) and Vegetable Coconut Soup

DSC 0771

Stirring up Pad Thai – also amazing fresh!

DSC 0786

Dessert: Banana in coconut milk

DSC 0790

Looks, sounds and is simple – but SO tasty

1 thought on “Chiang Mai field trip: Thai cooking class

  1. Yum!! I love the photo of Max and love also how fresh all the food looks. Chillies abound in Mexico, too, but I am still shy of using them…

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