After Bhamo, Myitkyina (the state’s good-sized capital city) was less than charming. After the Friendship Hotel, the YMCA we stayed at, although staffed by very friendly women, was just plain grungy. It was a transit stop for us (more on that later) and we only spent about 24 hours there. We did manage to have some fun though.

Highlights included:

Listening to live amateur singing as we ate dinner outdoors (on the menu but not what I ordered: sliced pig’s colon salad.)

Visiting a pagoda that was special for the hundreds of Buddhas (more or less) facing the rising sun and getting a personal, guided tour from our cab driver and a couple of other Burmese guys that just tagged along.

The market in Myitkyina was larger and even more incredible than the one in Bhamo. SO interesting to see!

DSC 0765

Buddhas welcoming the sun

DSC 0774

Buddha detail

DSC 0786

DSC 0791  Version 2

Spools of thread at a tailor’s stall at the market (Smoo, I got a small present for Martin here. 🙂 )

DSC 0797

DSC 0804

Incredible greens for sale

DSC 0812

Dried fish

DSC 0814

Cuts of meat. Notice the high tech refrigeration… 😉

DSC 0815

Quail eggs

DSC 0816

DSC 0817  Version 2

Shelling beans

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