Current events

I’m going to interrupt this major Myanmar catch-up session to with a post or two about what’s going on now. Roman and I have been spending some lovely down time in a small beach town on Thailand’s east coast. (The down time has included attempting to catch up on this blog – still not close to finished with Myanmar alas!)

It’s been a really good time – relaxed, grounding, peaceful. We’re heading out tonight though, and I’m really excited for what we’re doing next. We’re treating ourselves (with help from a generous gift from Roman’s mom – thank you Petra!! 🙂 ) to something really luxurious and special.

Tonight we are taking an overnight bus to Phuket. The next day, we’ll be boarding our own private yacht for a three-day cruise along the Andaman ocean. We’ll be island hopping our way down to Ko Lanta, where we’ll be dropped off and plan to spend a couple of days. That’s as far as we’ve planned so far – depending how we feel we may explore a couple other islands along the west coast after Ko Lanta.

Feeling very lucky and grateful! 🙂

I don’t expect we’ll have much internet on board the ship, so finishing the posts on Myanmar may have to wait a bit longer. 🙂

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