Playing in paradise

One of the things I’ve been amusing myself with while we’ve been enjoying the down time in Thailand has been haikus. 🙂

Thunder murmers from
clouds poised above the bright earth.
I yearn for too much.

A ceiling full of
gekkos: useless buggers. I
am still getting bit.Is that a cat’s death
or a karaoke star
I hear over there?

The ocean sprays and
tumbles me with frothy hands.
I can’t help but laugh.
Cold grey winds turn this
beach autumnal. My thoughts turn
happily to home.
The rain continues,
driving and cold, but my heart
finds sunshine within.
Firm bed, crisp white sheets,
fluffy pillow. How I love
thee, upscale hotel!
When mosquitoes and
bad karaoke attack,
ice cream saves the day!
Neon lights on the
horizon, like alien
crafts, hover: squid boats.
Colors surround me.
Warm turquoise, sage, golden blue:
the ocean’s embrace.
Building sand castles,
we count waves till they dissolve.
The sea always wins.

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