Quick post: current events 2

After three days hopping around the Andaman Ocean, we’ve now landed at Ko Lanta, a larger island south of Krabi, in time for the holiday Songkran. As I write this in a gorgeous little dark teakwood cafe (that apparentlyused to be an opium den!), folks on the street outside are splashing each other with buckets of water to ring in the Thai new year. We plan to go out later this afternoon, when things are at their hottest, to cool off with a good splash down. πŸ™‚ For now though, me and the laptop are staying safe and dry indoors.

The cruise on the boat was AMAZING. I’ll post about it in detail later, but suffice to say, if you have any interest in sailing around Thailand’s west coast and have some extra funds to spend (it was not cheap, but worth it if you can afford it), I can definitely recommend Phuket Boat Charter. The crew was amazing – a perfect blend of chilled out and professional, totally welcoming and easy going and fun. The food was hands down the best we’ve had so far in Thailand. The scenery was so beautiful, we practically had to pinch ourselves to be sure it was real. Fantastic!

Now that we’re back on dry land, I hope I’ll (finally!) get caught up with this blog. Will get back to back filling on Myanmar shortly; we’ll see how far I actually get before our next stop. πŸ˜‰

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