Orienting in time

There’s so much I want to capture from the past months in this blog; I have been and I supsect I will continue to be a bit all-over-the-place until I well and truly catch up with the present.

For anyone who may be confused by my sloppiness, I’ve put together a simple timeline of where I’ve been when since India. I’ll use it to sign post when I’m writing about until all the back-filling is complete.

(should be clickable for a closer view)

Where we are now

Time line2

For starters, I just want to mention that since Sunday I’ve been in our fourth country of trip (I know, we have been moving VERY slowly): Laos. I flew into it’s capitol, Vientiane, on Sunday night, where I was gallantly picked up at the airport by Roman.

I’ll spend more time on Vientiane later on, but I can say that for a capitol city it is sure a change after the urban hussle and bustle of Bangkok. Tropical and steamy, simple, quiet, provencial, and very charming so far.

Accommodation notes

We are staying at a lovely hotel, Vayakorn Inn (pictures to follow), which Roman assures me is much fancier and sophisticated than anything on offer in the smaller towns he visited while I was in the US.

It’s in the heart of the city, with plenty of good places to eat or enjoy a cup of Lao coffee within easy walking distance. Highly polished wooden stairs lead away from the big, bright foyer to a highly polished wood-floor hallway. Our room is spacious, pristinely clean, with dark wood furniture and some simple but elegant decorative accents. The wide balcony windows face lush palm leaves. It’s up there with some of my other favorites on the trip so far and I can definitely recommend it if you are looking for a place to stay in Vientiane. We paid USD 33 per night.

DSC 0221

Entrance to the hotel at night

DSC 0218

Lovely big windows

DSC 0219


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