Pics from Kratie

Some stories and a recipe to follow, but in the mean time, here are some photo impressions from our stay in Kratie, Cambodia.

DSC 0921

At the street market in Kratie, fruit and veg for sale

DSC 0923

A big vegetable stand at the market

DSC 0932

The rainy season doesn’t mess around in Kratie. We experienced intense storms pretty much every day we were there.

IMG 3200


IMG 3202

Matching two piece outfits that – to my eye – look like pajamas seem to be all the rage among older women in Kratie. A woman in such a suit shops for more at a market.

DSC 0059

Lumpy people crossing

DSC 0069

Rain and more rain. The view from one of our breakfast spots.

DSC 0104

Live chickens strapped to the back of a bike. They seemed pretty resigned to the situation.

DSC 0105

In town

DSC 0117

Someone left a simple offering of coconuts, incense and flowers in the brush by the river

DSC 0122

Barber shop

DSC 0125

Incongruous: One house had a shiny new Lexus with US plates parked behind metal gates. Note the German Shepard in the background coming to bark at me. 🙂

DSC 0128

Pigs in a basket

DSC 0129

Typical house on stilts along the road leading out of the city

DSC 0147

Full truck

DSC 0160

House overlooking rice paddies and the Mekong river. (I like the cat in the window. 🙂 )

DSC 0184

Little person, big magazine

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