Photographs from Tuol Sleng

My camera helped me deal with the visit to Tuol Sleng. Here are some of the photographs I took.

The prison used to be a school. Class rooms were converted into prison cells and torture chambers.

The photo on the wall is of the body they found in this room when the city was liberated.

The museum displays mug shots of hundreds of the victims. Of the thousands upon thousands of people who were held here, there were only seven survivors. Looking at the faces of the people photographed, it is difficult to wrap your mind or heart around what happened here.

Barbed wire everywhere

A sparrow perched on the barbed wire. Nature’s complete disregard for mankind’s whims was heartening.

Narrow cells built into the former class rooms

The only survivors of the prison

It was weird to be there with other western tourists. The contrast between the suffering and depravity that happened here versus our comfortable, safe lifestyles feels so surreal.

A photo in the museum of Duch, one of the higher ranking officials of the Khmer Rouge, has been defaced. I wonder what the writing says.

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