Phnom Penh: Accommodation, food and yoga notes

For better or for worse, Phnom Penh does a lot to accommodate Western tourists. While this left us with lots of food for thought, we also totally indulged in (way too much!) high quality international food, which I tried to balance out with regular visits to the two yoga studios I found (hurrah!). Here’s my notes for anyone who might be visiting Cambodia’s capital.


We stayed at Golden Gate Hotel, one of the many “Golden” accommodations on this particular tourist strip. The neighborhood was definitely for western visitors – tons of tuk tuk drivers ready and eager for your business and plenty of upscale options for food and shopping right outside the hotel’s doors.

Our room was a lot more expensive than what we’ve been paying for lately and probably a bit overpriced but still really nice. They had cheaper, smaller, less nice rooms but they’d been painted recently and the overwhelming chemical smell made us spring for a deluxe room. Perfectly clean, with tons of space, a good bathroom and a nice balcony, relatively fast and stable WiFi, and a decent, generous breakfast included in the price of USD 35 per night. The staff was also super friendly and helpful.

DSC 0196

Good eats

Anise Hotel was just down the street from us and wonderful place to grab a snack and a drink. The decor is elegant but comfortable and the outdoor seating is surrounded by gorgeous, luscious plants that offer shade and tropical ambience. Their super delicious brownie was my downfall.

Part of their profits go to an organization that helps street children.

DSC 0253

Lovely floating flowers at Anise

High end, totally delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Atypical but awesome hummus.

Roman’s pick for espresso (and you know he has a discerning palate when it comes to coffee!), they also had lovely hummus and their chai frappe was my favorite way to cool off!

Mount Everest
Indian food – the real deal!!! Will probably blog more about this later. They’ve moved locations – LP and Trip Advisor are out of date at the moment so call them for directions. The food is worth it!

Cute (Roman would say girly) cafe with good food, helping sex workers learn new skills and transition into a new life. Also includes a shop for home-made clothes, accessories, home goods and a simple mani/pedi business.


Oh, how good it felt to have a regular yoga practice again for a week! I am so grateful for all the yoga communities out there, and that I can slip in and be a part of them so easily when I find them, even if it’s just for a few days.

Both these studios were good, both also do a lot to give back to Cambodia and Cambodians.

Western teachers, classes offered include Ashtanga and Vinyassa. It can be a bit hard to find if the sign isn’t put outside. Here’s a view from the street:

DSC 1320

Kundalini Yoga House
Western and Cambodian teachers in the 3HOKundalini tradition.

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