Photos from Phnom Penh

I seem to be very camera happy these days! Here are some more visual impressions from our time in Phnom Penh…

DSC 0202
City impression

DSC 0206
At the Royal Palace

DSC 0214
At the small museum at the Royal Palace

DSC 0215
Monks heading to the Silver Pagoda

DSC 0218
A fading mural depicting scenes from the Ramayana

DSC 0234
Incense offering

DSC 1123
Buddha’s foot at Wat Ounalom

DSC 1129
At Wat Ounalom

DSC 1142
Jewelry vendors at Central Market

DSC 1145
Nap time at the market

DSC 1164
At the national museum

DSC 1191
Street-side clothes stand

DSC 1293
One of the city’s many garbage collectors pulls her cart and child. The collectors pick up trash from house to house. They use a horn that sounds like a squeeze toy to let people know they are in the neighborhood. Part of Phnom Penh’s soundtrack is the constant squeak like one rubber duck after another was moving down the street.

DSC 1347
A driver naps under the shade in his cyclo

DSC 1396
Coconut and soft drink transport

DSC 1416
My kind of offering! (The coffee I mean, not the donut…) At a shrine in a cafe.

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