An afternoon around Kampong Chhnang

The rest of our afternoon with guides Channy and Sary was great. I enjoyed the breeze on the back of Channy’s bike while chatting with him, taking in the scenery and trying not to lose my hat. πŸ™‚

The places they drove us were gorgeous and fascinating. The villages and especially the landscape outside of Kampong Chhnang were almost too beautiful to be believed. We had perfect weather – the lush greens of the endless rice paddies were luminous under the bright sun.

We made a good number of stops along the way, visiting and learning about local pottery production throughout the village of Ondong Rossey, enjoying the view of the amazing farmlands, grabbing an occasional drink from roadside shops and spending some time at Wat Santuk.

Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

DSC 0004
Some of the villages we drove through had peppers and chilies drying on the ground in front of homes. The air was wonderfully fragrant with the smell of them! πŸ™‚

DSC 0397
Drying chillies. I love the color!

DSC 0425
This is a close up of rice husks at the first pottery place we visited – they are used as a slow-burning fuel for the pottery kilns

DSC 0427
Water buffalo piggy banks. If only they weren’t so big and breakable!

DSC 0429
Ceramic bowl drying in preparation for being fired

DSC 0431
In the pottery studio under the house. From the wipe board it looks like it’s also an English school sometimes. I wonder if any of the potters’ worlds include “playing tennis” or “dancing”?

DSC 0460
One potter family. The women were very sweet, putting their arms around me and wondering – not subtly – when I was going to get going on starting a family. πŸ˜‰

DSC 0474Tea kettle boiling at the family’s house

DSC 0491
I love the grandmother’s soft eyes

DSC 0492
Incredible farmlands!

DSC 0535
Detail of rice being harvested

I couldn’t resist a panorama shot. πŸ™‚ Double click on the image for an enlarged view:

DSC 0544
A sight common through Cambodia – little kid, big bike

DSC 0561
The hill above Wat Santuk offered much appreciated shade and a breeze and some fantastic views!

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