Photo impressions from Battambang

Roman is finally feeling better again (Hurrah!) and we’ve had a full day here in Siem Reap. Tomorrow promises to be even more packed and it’s past my bed time so this will be a short post, but I at least wanted to get things started on Battambang before my mind is filled to the brim with temples, temples and more temples. 🙂

Like Kampong Chhnang, there was a lot to see outside of Battambang, and we spent a full and wonderful day with our two young guides/drivers, Dollar and Sum, getting to see and experience some really lovely things. But the city itself had some interesting and beautiful bits and pieces. I’ll write more about all of it later, but in the mean time, here are some photos from Battambang.

DSC 0602
Downtown Battambang

DSC 0605
Durian fruit and fashionable mannequins

DSC 0608
Afternoon shadows

DSC 0614
Hide and seek at the abandoned railway repair sheds

DSC 0628
Some very energetic kids at the sheds – another photo shoot ensued… 🙂

DSC 0635

DSC 0639
Afternoon light

DSC 0672
Old shed

DSC 0701
Guarding the bridge

DSC 0730
Evening aerobics in the park

DSC 0950
A statue of a traditional farmer stands before a cell phone advertisement

2 thoughts on “Photo impressions from Battambang

  1. Oh, great. Your pictures of children got me crying again. Wonderful! No, really, they are wonderful. I also love the long shadows and the juxtaposition of spiky fruit and fashion mannequins.

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