A beautiful noise

One of the perhaps subtler things I really enjoy about travel is the sound of a place. I love hearing things I’ve never heard before and how every day background noises can come together to provide an atmospheric soundtrack to a new location we are experiencing.

As we’ve been traveling through India and Southeast Asia I’ve been savoring all the (to me) exotic fauna that sing for us when we are out in nature. Crickets, cicadas and other insects, geckos (both kinds!), frogs (I LOVE the creaky racket of frogs in the rice paddies!) and wonderfully melodic birds.

We were at Preah Khan yesterday, one of the temple complexes here in Angkor. As we walked through the peaceful, shady grounds before the main temple, we were serenaded by a bird I’ve never heard before. It was so beautiful, I had to stop and listen for a while and in the end we even had to record it. 🙂

Of course we only had a camera and not proper recording equipment so the sound quality is not great, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Oh, and if any tropical bird enthusiasts happen to stumble across this page, I’d love to know what we heard! 🙂

Click below to play:

bird song

2 thoughts on “A beautiful noise

  1. Wow–really transporting! Great stress reliever. I’d like a CD of various nature sounds from far away places, to listen to when I’m freakin’ out. The sound is so effective at removing me from my surroundings and putting me somewhere else. And what a beautiful bird.

    • So glad you enjoyed it. We were considering recording the voices of the dozens of vendors at the entrance to Angkor Wat who were trying to get us to buy water, hats, coconut juice, keychains, scarfs, etc. in nasal, high pitched voices, just as a point of contrast, but then Roman’s camera kicked the bucket. Maybe it’s just as well cause that certainly would have been less relaxing! 🙂

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