Angkor preview

Roman and I have had some wonderful days exploring the incredible temples of Angkor. I’ve still got to post about Battambang before I get going on our time in and around Siem Reap, but the things we’ve been seeing have been so beautiful, I’ve got to share just a bit.

Just one aspect of the ruins at Angkor that I’ve been loving is the intricate, graceful carvings. Especially striking to me are the faces of the people in the designs. They’re always highly stylized. To me they often manage to convey a feeling of something very human and individual while also projecting an energy of sublime peace. I can – and have – spent hours looking at them. Here’s just a small sampling:

2 thoughts on “Angkor preview

  1. Lovely photos!! You have great eye for details!
    Which hotel are you staying at in Siem Reap? Do you recommend it? I’m trying to book on for August! πŸ™‚

    • Heya! We stayed at the Angkor Pearl and I can definitely recommend it. $16 dollars a night for a double room, breakfast not included (we paid $2.50 per person when we did eat breakfast there. Nothing mind-blowingly amazing but it’s good portions and decent food), It’s excellent value for what you get. It’s a bit removed from the hustle “down town” while still being very central – maybe a 10 minute walk to Pub Street. The hotel is new and the rooms are in great shape, tasteful and perfectly clean. Really nice, firm beds. My only complaint is that the pillows were massive – ended up with a bit of a stiff neck so maybe you want to bring your own pillow from home! πŸ˜‰

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