A few last pictures from Battambang

There is probably more I could write about Battambang, but for now I’ll just leave it with some photos from our day of exploration with Sum and Dollar.

In case you are planning to travel to Battambang and want to do a similar day trip, there are tons of moto and tuk tuk drivers around town who will be eager for your business and will have loads of suggestions for possible itineraries. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even run into Sum and Dollar (more likely they’ll run into you – we met Sum when we were just moments out of our bus from Kampong Chhnang ;-).

Elegant tiffin lunch box at the small store at the end of the bamboo train line. The bamboo train was touristy but great fun, and the women who ran the shop was sweet and friendly, making me jewelry out of palm leaves and hugging me when we left to return to the “station”.

The man at the Khmer heritage house who gave us a tour of his home in quick but soft-voiced French. He is standing in front of a portrait of his grandfather, who owned the house before him.

Dollar took us to a wat where a massive colony of fruit bats lived in two huge trees on the property. They were really active, even during the day, and we watched them chattering to each other, climbing in the loft branches, and swooping through the air around the trees. Awesome to see!

At Phnom Banan, we had to make sure and stay on the path; the area around the ruins has yet to be thoroughly de-mined!

After 358 steep and humid steps up the hill we are rewarded with beautiful, mystical feeling scenes at Phnom Banan.

For some reason, people have carved tons of graffiti into the cacti at Phnom Banan.

Before stopping for some street-side krolan (yummy and kind of random; we ended up shopping for the snack with some guy who Dollar informed us must be a government official, there with his own personal harem in tow. Hm.), we popped in to one of the homes in the rice paper producing neighborhood outside of Battambang. We got there late though, work for the day was over and it was time for dinner.

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