At the Angkor Butterfly Centre

Just some of the photos of just some of the butterflies – and other stuff – we saw at the Angkor Butterfly Centre. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t remember all the names of the different species. If you do, let me know! 🙂

DSC 0981
Common Jay Butterfly

DSC 0986
Big grasshopper

DSC 0024
Curious caterpillar

DSC 0099
An amazing moth!

DSC 0086
Cute, spotty grasshopper

DSC 0112
Another incredible, huge moth

DSC 0116
I believe this one is the “Common Tiger”

DSC 0117
And I think this is a “Common Crow” hanging out on some Bougainvillea

IMG 4148
About to take flight!

1 thought on “At the Angkor Butterfly Centre

  1. THANK you Jen! These are so beautiful. I feel like I could look at them any time I was sad and they would cheer me up! And I love the one of your hand. In fact, general comment on the blog: more pictures of YOU, please!!

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