Photo impressions from Saigon: Part one

Many of the buildings and walls in Saigon (and elsewhere in Vietnam) were painted in this mellow “colonial yellow”

I was amazed and delighted by how many trees there are in Saigon

At the Reunification Palace – now a fascinating museum.

Tour guides at the Reunification Palace wearing the traditional ao dai

A former cat atop the reflection of tourists in the Reunification Palace

I don’t typically go for architecture and design from the 1960s/70s but there was something I really loved about the look and feel of the Reunification Palace

One of the rooms in the Palace, preserved with its 1970s furniture

A vendor pushes her bike outside the Notre-Dame Basilica 

Constructed between 1863 and 1880, all the materials to build the church were brought over from France

Balloon vendor walks along the church

Devotees and a neon-lit Mary inside the church

Detail from the exterior of the Central Post Office, another gorgeous example of French Colonial architecture

Inside the post office

Doraemon in a shopping mall

Shopping lights

Tea break at a street-side shop


Statues outside an electronics store

Saigon traffic

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