Photo impressions from Saigon: Part two

Dinner at Pho 24

At the War Remnants Museum

At the Jade Emperor Pagoda

Incense sticks at the pagoda

The People’s Committee Building lit up at night, with a massive LED screen flashing advertising in the background

Big label shopping in former communist Vietnam

The beautiful opera house – check out the gecko hanging out on the statue on the left! 🙂

Colorful Saigon skyline at night. So much neon!

Hats for everyone!

Binh Tay Market in Cholon, Saigon’s Chinatown

Thread for sale at the market

Decorative fake fruit shop

Dried goods at the traditional medicinal herb shops

Pit stop for a Vietnamese coffee break!

Not only do some kids wear helmets in Vietnam, but some parents even kit out their bikes with skooter-built high-chairs for their young children!

At Thien Hau Pagoda, where I made my incense offering after losing my phone

Stick incense

Swirly incense hanging from the ceiling

Saigon lights up with neon at night!

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