Photos from Dalat and Hoi An

I didn’t take a ton of pictures during our stays in Dalat and Hoi An. I’ll write more about both these places, along with travel notes including Saigon, in a later post, but in the mean time here are some of the photos I did take, just to give you a taste of this refreshingly cool mountain town (Dalat) and this colorful tropical and historic beauty (Hoi An).


The view of Dalat from our hotel. Note the “Eiffel Tower”! 🙂

Bird cages for sale

With its higher elevation, the flora in Dalat was really different from most places we’d been traveling to. I so loved seeing hydrangeas everywhere! 🙂

“Romantic” (kitch??) statue along the lakeside at Dalat

Even more “romantic” swan-shaped pedal boats on the lake

Dalat lights up at night

Hats for sale!
Hoi An

The return of blue skies when we got to Hoi An

Beautiful buildings and quiet streets in Hoi An

Fruit vendor

Hoi An is known for its colorful lanterns

Shop detail


At the Hoi An market


Lanterns at night

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