Pics from Hue, round one!

Continuing to speed my way through the Vietnam posts, here are some photos from our time out and about in Hue. Citadel photos to follow.

DSC 0852
There was this great outdoor night market along the Perfume River (deceptively alluring name! If it smelled at all, it was NOT pleasant!). The side-walk was full of vendors and pedestrians and the river bank would be lined with these gaudy, bright dragon boats with seemingly nearly as much action taking place in them as on dry land.

DSC 0864
Sandals outside house doors on the alleyway our hotel was on. I loved the families living on this little street. Three generations living together – cute kids and smiley grandmas!

DSC 0870
A rare, traffic free moment on the Tran Tieng bridge

DSC 0877
Wares for sale on the sidewalk. Not sure if the boots were on offer too…

DSC 0883
Street vendor sets up shop under a tree

DSC 0045
Early evening sky over the Perfume River

DSC 0052
Incense and flower offerings to a spirit tree

DSC 0062
A glimpse inside a repair shop

DSC 0065
A horse decorating a home’s outdoor shrine

DSC 0069
Parked cyclo and firewood

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