Current events: Xinjiang to Yangshuo

We arrived in Yangshuo late last night, physically and mentally exhausted from a very full, intense, incredible and amazing week in Xinjiang. Seven flights in seven days, countless miles driven through endless and endlessly stunning landscapes, delving into fascinating new cultures and having tons of new experiences, dealing with cold – REAL COLD – for the first time in months, dealing with some REALLY dodgy toilet situations! Phew!
I loved it but when we finally could crash into our simple dorm room here in Yangshuo at 1am after a full day of traveling, I got hit with such a strong bout of homesickness (so many airports and airplanes and I’m still not in Switzerland or America??? Still not my familiar bed? And I have to use a squat toilet for the next two weeks??) that I basically got too grumpy to function and just went straight to bed. I woke up still grumpy but I’ve been pulling myself out of it hour by hour today. Little things have been helping.
The staff at the school are sweet and friendly. Yangshuo, while touristy, does seem to be very cute and manageable; the karst landscape that literally cradles the town is just beautiful from the bit we’ve seen so far. There is hope for a decent cup of coffee somewhere in this place based on what we’ve read. Roman has been infinitely kind and patient with me despite my wearing grumpy pants. There were really expensive but really, really tasty mangosteens at a market down the street that I had for breakfast. These are all good things. 🙂
Our two-week Chinese course starts tomorrow morning. Internet access in Xinjiang was poor to non-existant, so I didn’t get to back fill those Vietnam posts as I’d hoped, but we’ve got decent internet access here and even with daily studies there will hopefully be time for catching up on this journal. So watch this space! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Current events: Xinjiang to Yangshuo

    • Heya Bee! Now that I have internet again I really need and want to sit down and write you a real email. But my inbox is overwhelming and we are still figuring out Yangshuo, so in the mean time, just briefly – yep, we ARE taking a Chinese course. Just a piddly two week basic intro course, but I’m excited about it! Had our first classes this morning and it was fun! Such awesome and fun and difficult pronunciation, I really like it! 😀

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