Photo impressions from Hanoi

Our last stop in Vietnam was Hanoi. Smaller and less urban than Saigon in the south, it had a very different energy to it while still having the hustle and bustle of any proper capital city. I’ll write more about Hanoi and our time there later on; for now here are some photos. 🙂

Typical street view in the old quarter

Street shop

Temple window

I love the crazy tangle of wires – this was everywhere to be seen in the cities. 🙂

Fruit seller in an ocean of durian – better her than me! 😉

A shop on the paint street in Hanoi (many of the streets in and around the Old Quarter are dedicated to one specific good, product or service)

Traffic, traffic

Bike seat covers for sale. I like the Louis Vuitton one myself… 

Shop bird

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