Xinjiang panoramas: part one

Time to break up these verbose posts of mine with some pictures. 🙂

Here are panoramic shots from our first day on the Karakoram Highway, traveling from Kashgar up into the rugged terrain where we would overnight along the shores of the resplendent Karakul Lake. The landscape in these dramatic mountains was mind blowing to me – stunningly beautiful and larger than life.

I took SO many photos – each vista was even more beautiful than the last and nothing would come close to fitting into a single frame of my camera. 🙂 Thus all the panorama photos – my attempt to give some sense of the awe-inspiring grandness of the land and sky. Believe me when I say these photos are mere shadows of how stunning it all was in real life. Chances are, from where you may be sitting and viewing the pics, it’s also a lot warmer than it was in real life! 😉

Click to get a closer look – the colors of the mountains were astounding!

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