The road from Kashgar to Karakul Lake

Day one of our Xinjiang tour we loaded ourselves up into the car and set forth along a section of the Karakoram Highway to our first stop, Karakul Lake. The drive up was astounding; I couldn’t stop marveling at the amazing scenery and we stopped along the side of the road loads of times to take photos.

Before the ascent we stopped at a town to stock up on food before driving gradually up into a mountain-scape cloaked in thick grey clouds. Around mid-day, shortly after passing the checkpoint, we must have reached critical altitude – suddenly the skies were clearing to reveal a brilliant expanse of blue, even as the temperature continued to drop.

More details to come, but in the mean time, here are some photo impressions from the drive up. 🙂

DSC 0038
Freshly baked!

DSC 0049
Beautiful mountain succulent

DSC 0096
An eagle soars above the mountains

Building blending in with the mountain background. Note the Arabic writing…

Can you spot the goats on the mountain? Picture is clickable if you want a closer look. 🙂

DSC 0216
Our first glimpse of snow through the clouds!

There wasn’t very much traffic on the Karakorum Highway. Mostly we saw large freight trucks if we crossed paths with anyone. Here a yellow one approaches a solitary traveler on donkey (click the photo to zoom in).

DSC 0231
The wall and roof of a house blend with the mountain range in the background.

DSC 0236
We stopped in front of this woman’s simple shop to take photos of the landscape. She was wonderfully sweet and invited us in to take a look at her home.

DSC 0283
Massive sand dunes behind the “wet plateau”

DSC 0305
View from the back seat. 🙂

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