Current events: China for a month

Well, we haven’t quite been in China for a month, but we HAVE sorted out our visa extension, which means that we have one full month more to explore this massive and fascinating country. Yahoo!! 😀

I’ve been negligent of the blog. We have been in a bit of a state of limbo while we were trying to sort out the paper work and procedures for the visa, knowing that there was no guarantee – can we start planning the next month or should we start looking at flights to Hong Kong as a back up? Or just move on to some place new?

So motivation has been slack and my attention and energies have been elsewhere. We have a few more days here in Yangshuo (we can’t actually pick up our extended visa until next week, so our travel options, sans passports, are limited…), so I intend to pick up where I left off on Xinjiang. Watch this space! 🙂

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