Xinjiang panoramas: part two

Last week I posted the first half of my panorama photos from Xinjiang. Now it’s time for the other half, all taken on the second (and a bit) day of our tour. Clickable for large format as usual. Enjoy! 🙂

One last view of Karakul Lake before we head off to our next destination: Tashkurgan

A field with grazing yak along the Karakorum Highway to Tashkurgan

Incredibly scenery along the road. The area below the road was actually used as a filming site for “The Kite Runner”.

The Stone Fort at Tashkurgan – also a film site for “The Kite Runner”

Pastures below the city of Tashkurgan. I love the mountain ranges sweeping up to either side.

A work camp along the Karakorum Highway at sunrise.

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