Silk Road Tour day two: Part two

We arrived, after our adventures, in time for a late lunch in Tashkurgan.

It was surreal coming across a proper town after all that wild, wide-open nature. Paved, tree-lined roads, street lamps, shops, infrastructure, even a museum, scraped together and placed on this rugged landscape.

DSC 0768
Traffic circle in Tashkurgan. The eagle is apparently a symbol of the Tajik people.

We had less than 24 hours to spend here. After checking in at the hotel, Yusef took us to see the Stone City, a small but beautiful ruin that looks over pasture lands and the ring of mountain ranges that circle Tashkurgan’s horizons. From Lonely Planet: “(it) has a murky past but is believed to be a 1400-year-old fort built by a Tajik king.. (and) was one of the filming locations for the movie Kite Runner.”

DSC 0739
View of the fort from below

DSC 0733
And a view from atop the fort

After wandering around the quiet, golden rocks, we headed down to the pasture, where a windy boardwalk had apparently recently been constructed by the Chinese government for the benefit of tourists. The local kids seemed to enjoy the extra space to play and it didn’t appear to hamper the movement of the animals across the grazing area, but it did look and feel pretty out of place.

DSC 0716
The brand new boardwalk and stage…

The rest of the afternoon was spent with relaxed exploration through the town. We were leaving before dawn the next morning in order to make it back to Kashgar for the Sunday livestock market, so it was an early night for the four of us!

A few more photos from our wander through Tashkurgan

DSC 0749
Walking the cow home

DSC 0750
Local kids

DSC 0778
Ladies’ hats at a shop selling traditional clothing

DSC 0794
We’d seen loads of bikes in Xinjiang with the “rug” style seat cover, but furs as an accessory was a new one!

DSC 0798
Rakes for sale

DSC 0800
Lovely flowers along street

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