Sightseeing in Kashgar

Just a quick post about the places we managed to visit during our short time in Kashgar.

The Sunday Market

Unlike the livestock market, which really only takes place on Sundays, the confusingly names Sunday Market is actually open all week long. Hundreds of stalls are crammed next to each other in this large hall, selling everything from spices and teas to dramatic fur hats, from gauzy, colorful women’s scarves to carpets. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but we saw plenty of locals perusing the scene as well when we were there, and it’s fun just to go see what’s on offer. 🙂

DSC 0955
Tea for sale at the market

DSC 0962
A carpet salesman sits among his wares

The Abakh Hoja Tomb

An ornate and beautiful tomb within a peaceful compound, the stately building is the resting place of Abakh Hoja, an important ruler of Kashgar, and allegedly also of his granddaughter Ikparhan, also knowns as Xiang Fei, who ended up as a favored concubine to Emporor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. More info here if you are interested.

DSC 0975

I couldn’t find anything to substantiate this, but Yusef was telling us that the buildings had once also been used by Sufis in the area – a branch of Islam that he had very strong (negative) opinions about…

It was a lovely place to wander around and I really enjoyed the architectural details like the beautifully carved columns and the tile work.

DSC 0968
Awesome tiles

DSC 0987
Column detail

DSC 1001

Id Kah Mosque

Apparently the largest mosque in all of China, I loved visiting the peaceful Id Kah Mosque. Tourists are allowed to visit when services are not being held, so it was peaceful for us at least – apparently to mosque can and does fit thousands and thousands of worshippers on its busier days. It was built in 1442 and is an important symbol and seat for the Muslim population in Kashgar and beyond. A bit more info here.

DSC 0179

DSC 0201

DSC 0212
…to prayer

DSC 0228
Entrance to the mosque

DSC 0207
An excerpt from the tourist info posted in the mosque. We all get along… really!

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