Photo project

We’ve landed in Manila!

After all the moving around we did in China, the first order of business on the agenda slowing down the pace a bit. We’ll be spending a couple days here in the Philippines’ capital, but then we’ll be hitting Palawan for some serious beach time! I know, we have such a tough life… 😉

I’ll be writing plenty about our time in China as well (and hopefully posting – not sure what the internet will be like where we’ll be headed) but first, I need to make space on my disk!

My poor little airbook is nearly full to bursting and I’ve got to do some housekeeping.

I’m not a photographer, but I love taking photos. 14 months traveling through eight spectacular, fascinating and gorgeous countries has resulted in me taking thousands upon thousands of photos. When you take that many pictures, you end up with tons of average snaps as well plenty of blurry, boring or duplicate images. But when you take that many pictures, you also sometimes get lucky, and the photo turns out just as you hoped it might, or even better than you expected.

So now I’ve begun what promises to be a massive sorting process. I’ve started at the beginning, in India, and it’s been a trip to revisit these places I’ve been and things I’ve seen just over a year ago.

I’ve decided to pull my favorite photos and best lucky shots together on a new page. You’ll be able to find them here:

I’ll be backfilling over these next weeks as time and internet allow so the collection will be growing. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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