Getting to Coral Bay

Just to give you a sense of where we are and how we got here… 🙂

Start off in urban Manila

DSC 0001

Hop in a plane, fly over amazing, verdant islands and deep blue seas…


…Until you approach Busuanga Island. Note the lack of urbanization


Land on the island’s little airport


Drive to the island’s one proper town, Coron

DSC 0102

From Coron, drive the bumpy path through the jungles to an isolated little dock


Take a boat ride for about an hour…


…until you arrive at Coral Bay’s dock

DSC 0129

Find yourself a hammock – you’ve arrived. 🙂

DSC 0120

2 thoughts on “Getting to Coral Bay

  1. Dude, I’m really with you in that I’m a mountain girl, not a beach girl. I have limited appetite for lying in the sun. But I have to say that after these photos, especially the last one, I find it hard NOT to believe the years of marketing! Sigh…that looks wonderful! Where’s my iced tea?

    • What’s really selling me on the whole thing is the marine life. The fish, coral and all are just incredible – watching them underwater makes me forget myself completely. I can see why that was one of the highlights from your time in Indonesia!

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