Dumaguete’s warm and wonderful welcome

More China posts to come soon (hopefully), but first, this…

We arrived last night after a looong day of travel at Dumaguete, the small “college town” on the eastern half of Negros Island (known as Negros Oriental. The long island is split down the middle by mountains; the western half is knows as Negros Occidental.).

I’d slept really poorly our last night on Popototan; all I had energy for when we got here after nearly 12 hours of travel was dinner and falling into bed.

We slept late this morning (for the first time in ages, it felt great!) and then headed out to find breakfast along the sea-facing Rizal Avenue a few blocks from our hotel. We managed to find a decent spot for breakfast – and a massive parade getting set up just along the sea front!

Apparently it was something related to one of the many universities in town and the parade was composed entirely of students. We got to watch them set up and then we stuck around for the parade itself. What a great introduction to Dumaguete!

The students were fantastic – full of energy and enthusiasm and always eager to pose for the camera. Actually, this is an understatement; they were mostly full-on divas bordering on camera hogs. 😉 Which I totally loved.

The costumes were tremendous. The music was lively. It felt like a mini Mardi Gras or Carnival and it was so much fun. Lucky timing on our part but also a totally wonderful welcome to this little city in the Visayas. Here are just some of the photos. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dumaguete’s warm and wonderful welcome

    • Thanks! They were fantastic, but the best part was the students’ massive smiles and warm but bold attitudes. They were absolutely electric and radiant. Just awesome to see, capture and share. 🙂

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