Out and about around Yangshuo

I’m still feeling pretty struck down by this “tropical flu” that I managed to pick up two days ago. Among other things, it seems to have a rather limiting effect on my mental capacities. Sorting pictures is about the extent of what I’m up for, aside from naps, surfing the web, watching Simpsons re-runs and more naps. For a bit of diversion, I’m doing a blog post but by necessity it’s going to be picture-heavy, text-light. 🙂


The town of Yangshuo is nice enough, but what really draws the tourists is the landscape around the area. Peaceful rivers, tranquil farmlands and simple villages, and startling karst mountains that rise dramatically above it all.

The thing to do here is rent a bike in town and then go exploring for yourself. Roman and I did a bit of this after our classes were over and (thankfully) the weather transformed from cold and wet to hot and sunny. Here are some photos from our little expeditions.

The alternate mode of transportation is to hire a bamboo raft to take you down river. These we spotted in a picturesque spot about a half hour outside of town (by bicycle). 

Roof tiles stacked outside a village home

A village classroom

Threshing beans by hand

Inside a village temple



I wonder what the writing on the wall says. Can anyone translate for me? 🙂

Bamboo leaves with Moon Hill in the background

Moon hill up close. It’s not a great picture, but I wanted to show how big the arch is. Click for the enlarged version. You can see people at the bottom of the photo.

View from Moon Hill

Buffalo bridge crossing

Rice harvest drying in front of a rural home (Can you spot the white cat?)

Village home

Walking home

8 thoughts on “Out and about around Yangshuo

    • Thanks so much! The scene was pretty but I don’t know how zen it was. What you don’t see is that a minute later passengers on a few rafts further on started having a massive water fight – apparently they had water guns on board – so tons of splashing, screaming and laughing erupted shortly after I took this shot. 😉

    • Thanks so much John! Where in China do you live? I can definitely recommend Yangshuo, although I can recommend basically all the places we visited (I’m still backfilling so many more locations are still to come…). We spent two whole months in mainland China and all I could think was: there’s so much more I want to see, I’ve got to come back!

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