Back to Yangshuo

Ok, getting back to China. I really need to get these posts out because our time in Guangxi already feels like a lifetime ago! To get my brain into the reminiscing frame of mind, here are some photos to give you (and me) a taste of Yangshuo town.

I’ve already written a bit about Yangshuo here. It has a very touristy side and a very down to earth side. Tchotchke shops and tourist-targeting restaurants come thick and fast in the pedestrian-streets radiating out from the river side. At its most commercial, Yangshuo can get more than a bit gaudy.

The tourist area lit up at night

Useless crap for sale

But it’s easy to get beyond this thin layer of neon and plastic and discover the town’s charms. For a start, the striking karst hills pop up all over the place, even in the middle of town, and steal the scene.

The view on a misty morning from our hotel balcony – hills rising up in the background

The Li River has its touristy spots, but they are easy to avoid and its lovely to walk along the river side at any time of the day.

The opposite bank of the river lit up at night with a nearly full moon overhead. It looks more X-files in the photo than it did in real life due to the way my camera picked up the light. I love that you can see the karsts in the background though – they were also not so bright in real life.

And once you got away from the most touristy spots, Yangshuo is just a normal town.

Girls on their way home from school


A lotus pond in town


Simple restaurant


Lunch break

3 thoughts on “Back to Yangshuo

  1. I love the X-files photo. 🙂 And what amazing hills!

    The “simple restaurant” reminded me very much of Mexico. Different food, of course, I’m sure.

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