Photo impressions from Dazhai

The landscape in and around Dazhai was just so stunning; as usual I took an abundance of photographs (some might say I went a bit overboard… πŸ˜‰ ). Here are just some of my favorite pictures of the beautiful farm lands, charming villages and interesting people…

A friendly Yao woman (Yao is the minority group that lives in Dazhai); she wanted us to buy her tomatoes but unfortunately that’s one of the few vegetables I don’t like!

Rice spread to dry in front of a farmhouse

Cut rice bound with stems

An elderly man in one of the villages above Dazhai. I’m pretty sure I saw his picture somewhere on the Lonely Planet page – I think hanging out on a sunny spot by the wall to pose for tourist’s snaps is his full-time job and he’s probably the most photographed man in all of Longsheng.

In Dazhai village, parade practice in the background

AΒ farm woman surveys the terraces

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