Wait, what??

My last post on this blog was written about a month ago in wintry Connecticut, about our autumnal adventures in the southern hills of China.

A lot of things have happened since then.

There’s been loads going on at home – soul searching and trials by fire within my heart, exciting exploration in the name of future scheming, lots of time spent with beloved family and friends, yoga, yoga and more yoga, travel research and preparation – and while all this has been going on, Spring managed to arrive on the scene. While I’ve been busy, my hometown exploded into full bloom, sunny afternoons, and birdsong. (Morning birdsong is how I was waking up each morning the past week or two – beautiful sounds that transported me, in the comfort of my familiar bed – right back to childhood memories) It’s been absolutely glorious!

All of this important and lovely stuff has kept me engaged in the present and not very keen to look forward. Or, put more accurately, to think about leaving. I’d been decidedly sticking my head in the sand, assuming that we’d figure out some sort of scheme by which I’d get to stay home for longer. However, the expiration date of Roman’s visa began to loom in a most un-ignorable way and forced us to decide and act.

Which is how we’ve some how, suddenly seemingly (to my heart at least), landed here in Sydney, Australia!

We booked a couple of weeks ago (I think – my sense of time is not the best at the moment!) and it’s been a mad dash to prepare in time for our flight plus I’ve also been busy wading through Olympic sized swimming pools of sadness about leaving my family. We flew into Los Angeles on Wednesday to break up the journey, where we had a fantastic overnight visit that ended with us leaving the country with about an hour to spare on Roman’s visa. 😉

15 hours of plane-ride later and we arrived in Sydney, who was gracious enough to welcome us with her best face forward. I had no preconceived notions about the place and really, with everything going on prior to departure, didn’t really think or care much about where we were going. Yet now that we’ve arrived, I’m SO excited and glad that we’re starting part two of the journey here.

We landed on a perfect Autumn day. Warm sun, brilliant blue skies, and that crisp feel of Fall in the air.

Sunrise and a first glimpse of Australia from the plane

After leaving the airport (where we got our first auspicious sign – we got to watch Nestor Carbonell and his family rent a car. 🙂 Even though we’d just been in L.A., we had to come to Australia to see a famous actor…), we headed straight to the prime tourist spot where we’re spending our first couple of nights: the Rocks. This part of Sydney seems spotlessly clean, at least what we’ve seen so far, and absolutely stunning with a lovely mix of older, colonial buildings in lovely shades of brown and beige countered by impressively sleek modern skyscrapers. All the urbanity is off set by fantastically massive, tropical trees of the many parks in the area and the amazing and iconic harbor at Circular Quay.

We ended up spending most of the day wandering around on foot and discovering delight after delight. Sydney seemed determined to offer us a spectacular welcome. 🙂

Incredible tropical birds, a massive cruise ship parked across from the opera house, an open-air artisan market, fantastic musicians performing Spanish guitar under an overpass, our first didgeridoo performance, delicious food, peaceful parks stunning scenery.

These funny looking guys were hanging around scrounging for food the way pigeons would in New York or Zurich. Anyone know what they're called?

Love was in the air in the city the day we arrived too; we must have seen three or four hen parties cruising the town and countless wedding parties having their photos taken in front of the city’s iconic spots, boarding ships at the Quay for a celebration on the water; there was even one party taking place AT the Opera House. All this added to the magical atmosphere for me and I’m so grateful for this welcome, which has eased the heartache of leaving home and gotten me completely juiced for Part Two of our Big Adventure!

Obviously at this point there is a LOT to catch up on. 🙂 I’ll be doing a combo of posts going forward – filling in all that we did in Asia, bits and pieces about our time in the States and more current events now that we are here in the Land Down Under. Hopefully one of these months this online journal will be up to speed… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Wait, what??

    • I can still hardly believe it either. Someplace I’ve wanted to visit since I was a kid. It’s still surreal to be here. 🙂 Hope all is well in Boston. How’s the new job treating you? Any travel plans on your horizon?

      • How does it feel to be traveling again? I’ve always wanted to visit Australia too. I have so many friends there. Hopefully I will soon! I have no big travel plans.. just working. Going to Wisconsin next month but other than that, I think I’ll just be in Boston working. My bf is going to be in NYC for the summer though. So lots of bus rides to NY!

      • It’s a bit of a mixed bag – was tough leaving the comforts of home and most of all my family and I’m still missing them – but it’s also really exciting to be traveling and so far we are LOVING Australia. Our travel plans this time around are more structured so we’ve got a tentative end-date in mind, which helps when I’m missing my family because I already know around when I’ll see them again. In about a week we’re going to start the road-trip part of our time in Australia, which I am soooo excited for, I LOVE road tripping and it’s been ages since I’ve done it. Anyhow, if you ever get the chance to come visit here, I can already recommend it. Aussies are incredibly friendly as we’ve experienced it so far and it’s a gorgeous country!

        How’s the new job going? What exactly are you doing for them? Great news about your BF being in NYC. You two will get to have tons of fun in both those awesome cities, I’m sure. If only the bus ride was shorter…!

      • Australia sounds amazing!! 🙂 I love road trips as well and have heard that Australia is the best place to go on one. One day I’ll go to Aussy land! haha

        Job is amazing. Super busy and learning a ton. I’m doing TripAdvisor for business marketing and PR – so lots of blog-related stuff, PR, content, social media – a mix of this and that. Still trying to get the hang of it but having a ton of fun nonetheless.

        And yes! BF is currently on his way to NYC to look for summer housing 🙂 He’ll be interning over the summer so for at least three months, I’ll get to see him a little more than I have the past few months. I do love NY – and yea the bus ride…. the sacrifice. haha. So how long are u in Australia??

      • Wow, the job does sound GREAT. So glad you’re enjoying it! I’m still putting off thoughts of work but I’ll have to deal with all of that soon enough… I’m sure it will sneak up on me a lot faster than I can even imagine!

        We’ll be here in Australia for about three weeks longer (maybe four – our last stop is the West Coast and the more we hear about it, the more places we want to visit while we’re there… :-). Our plans got delayed a bit by the long Easter weekend; everything shuts down here plus all the camper vans were rented out ages ago apparently, but “the great Aussie road trip” begins Wednesday afternoon! Can’t wait! Thanks for the plug about it, by the way. 🙂

        Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend (did you get any time off?) and I hope the weather warms up for you!

  1. THANK YOU for the birdsong!!! It was so lovely…didn’t make me homesick, I’m happy to say, but definitely made me feel connected to home in a wonderful way. So familiar and lovely.

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