We’ve been having an absolute ball here in Sydney. The weather’s continued to be lovely and we’ve been roving all over the city exploring and enjoying.

Today’s the first over cast day there’s been since we’ve arrived, so we’re using it as a good excuse for a quiet morning and chance to catch our breath, do a bit of admin and maybe get out a blog post or two.

I’ll get back to writing about China at some point, but for now, here is a quick post about one of the fun things we’ve experienced here so far.

There are loads of beautiful spots in Sydney but I think at this point my most favorite has got to be the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Gardens is a massive green space that starts at one end just next door to the city’s famous harbor and opera house and finishes up well into its business district. It’s full of native and exotic plants, pristinely manicured lawns and local fauna. Visitors are encouraged to walk – or play, or nap – on the grass, and it’s a perfect place for a stroll to enjoy views of the water or the city skyline or the lovely nature.

We spent one whole afternoon hanging out there, enjoying all it has to offer. We’d thought we’d gotten to know most of the animals living there when we heard a racket coming from a group of trees across a lawn. Taking a closer look, we discovered a colony of what must have been about a thousand fruit bats, or flying foxes.

Our love of fruit bats was cemented early on in our time in Asia, so we were really excited to check out the five or six trees that were literally dripping with these massive flying mammals. Here are a few pics. Unfortunately the zoom on my camera isn’t that great so there aren’t any good close-ups.

Also, in case you ever wondered what hundreds of flying foxes sound when they hang out together, click here: (Bats) for a sound clip. Can’t decide if those are the throes of passion or of death! 🙂


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