Aussie cute fest!

We’ve left Sydney for Melbourne now and we’re excited to explore a different part of Australia.

Before we left Sydney though, our friends Luke and Lyne suggested we check out the Featherdale Wildlife Park. We managed to fit in a visit on the way to the airport yesterday and it was so much fun. I’m currently slightly obsessed with Australian wildlife as a result! 🙂 Here are just some of the awesome animals we got face to face with yesterday.

Not sure what sort of a bird this is but he sure is disapproving!

Laughing kookaburra

Tawny frogmouths are like a muppet version of a bird – soooo cute!




Kangaroo with attitude!

Flying foxes!

The Tasmanian devil!!

Unfortunately these little guys are facing serious threats and are in very real danger of going extinct in the near future due to many factors, including Devil Facial Tumour Disease. 😦

An Albino Wallaroo

Sleepy wombat!

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Thirsty wallaby

A Tiger Quoll. Apparently they are very shy and we got very lucky to see him!

A sleepy Shingle Back Skink

Bearded Dragon

Dingos are so cute!

So is the Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko

Little Penguins, the smallest penguins in the world


They’re monotremes – egg-laying mammals!

4 thoughts on “Aussie cute fest!

  1. WOW. Love!!! Especially, well lots of them, but especially the kangaroo with attitude…dude. And flying foxes?! Taz!! WOW. I had heard of many of these animals but never seen them… It must have been amazing to see what they actually look like in person.

    • It was the first time for me too to see many of them and I became totally smitten! Not pictured from the Aussie animal pantheon is the duckbilled platypus that we saw at the Sydney Aquarium earlier that week. The tank was pretty poorly lit so there was no chance of getting a photo. Talk about adorable though!! Really hoping we get to see more of them while we’re here.

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