Shanghai slacker

I’m so close to finishing my posts about China, I can practically taste it. Before I can finish up, there’s one final destination to share about: Shanghai.

It’s over nine months since my first post about China. Over seven since we were actually in Shanghai. More than half a year ago that we had this time in the country that unexpectedly delighted, amazed and enchanted me. And I’ve already written 60 posts about the place. (60!! God, I’m verbose!)

Our time there was jam packed with so many awesome things, and by the time we reached Shanghai – one last destination before our visa expired and we had to leave the country (we only had two full days in the city and we literally left China on the last day of our visa) – I think I’d run out of steam. And I fear I’m about to do the same here in this blog. There’s things I still want to capture here about China… The thing is when I try to write about Shanghai, I feel like there’s nothing to say.

Not because of Shanghai. But because I was so flat out tired and a bit sick when we were there. And because I’m sure those two days were not long enough to even begin to get a feel for this world-renowned city.

We managed to take in some of the major sights – the Bund, the French Concession, the Shanghai Museum – plus other bits and pieces. But how much I actually was able to absorb… Well, what ever I did absorb, it doesn’t feel like enough to justify a proper blog post.

So, I am so sorry Shanghai for pooping out on you once more. I am sure you are totally awesome and fascinating and I know you are unlike any place else we visited in China, but I will just have to wait to find out more about you when I have a bit more energy!

I CAN say that I loved the Shanghai Museum – especially for its beautiful clothing displays (maybe you’ll remember how they soothed my sensibilities after my fashion compass was set askew) – and here are a few photos just to give you a wee peek of the place.

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