Road trip haikus: 11

South Dakota: Badlands

So this is what it
means: Big Sky Country. To know
one’s place in the All.

We are dwarfed by Clouds.
Made minuscule by Mountains.
Divine specks on Earth.

Deer crossing the road
all chill like he didn’t just
scare the $#@! outta me.

3 thoughts on “Road trip haikus: 11

    • Hey Lovely Lidia! Just stopped over at your blog for the first time in ages and seems a lot has happened since your trip to Asia. Are you living in Australia now?? We spent six weeks there and I absolutely loved the place! I’ll need to go through all your old posts and catch up. 😀

      • Hi Jenny!!
        Nope, I was there for almost two months. Visited New Zealand while there too. Just got back but as usual am completely behind and racing to catch up on my blog!
        Lovely to have you back!
        I do love Australia.

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