One of the loveliest ways we are experiencing the countries and cultures we are visiting is through their food. 🙂 Every once in a while I’ve taken a cooking class or have been lucky enough to have a particularly exciting dish explained to me by some kind and generous person we’ve met. This is my small (but hopefully ever-expanding!) collection of recipes (or sometimes links to recipes) I’m gathering along the way. (You may have to scroll in some instances to get to the goods!)

Dal Makhani – a creamy lentil dal
Roasted eggplant
Simple Pakoras – battered, fried, spicy goodness
Yogurt a la Reeshma 

Burmese ginger salad – addictive, packs a garlic/peanut punch

Chicken with cashew nuts (link to cooking school’s recipe)
Pad Thai – the Thai standard, yummy noodles with egg, tofu, bean sprouts and peanut (link to cooking school’s recipe)
Banana in coconut milk – easy and delicious dessert! (link to cooking school’s recipe)
Lemongrass salad – made with young lemongrass, a tasty, refreshing dish (link only)

Chaa kh’nay – chunks of fish with tons of ginger – divine!
Papaya salad – not as hot as the Thai version which is good for me since I’m a wimp 🙂
Chicken Amok –  tasty Khmer curry

Lotus root
Fried noodles
Fried rice 

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